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Welcome to Oraclum Season 6 !29.06.22 12:01:02
Dear players, I would like to welcome everyone to the Season 6 of Oraclum Open Tibia Server. Our server is 8.6 Edited Real-Map and the final launch is on Saturday 02/07/2022 20:00

I wanna give you some small details about our server such as exp stage, features and custom features.

Features :

* All main RL quests are working
* Balanced vocations
* Antibot enabled for players of level 500 or more
* All raids from RL
* Addons system (rl tibia) and with addon doll
* All RL 8.6 towns

Custom Features :

* Guildtowns
* 6+ events / games
* Vip system | Vip Island | Vip Respawns
* Epic vocations
* Guild wars system
* 3 different kind of castles
* Get a castle for free!
* Ethno City -> based on real spawns!
* Bounty Hunters system
* Twitch Stream

Free Premium Points on Levels :

* 5 premium points at level 250
* 10 premium points at level 300
* 20 premium points at level 400
* 50 premium points at level 500
* You can get almost all the donate set by doing custom quests
* You can get almost all the donate set by playing our games
* You can become vip playing events, including our newest event: Findind and killing Rudolf
* Now you can loot donate and rare items from our new custom monsters located in vip spawns (level 300 required!!)

Exp Stage :

* 1 - 80 level, 1000x
* 81 - 100 level, 350x
* 101 - 150 level, 200x
* 151 - 180 level, 100x
* 181 - 200 level, 50x
* 201 - 250 level, 20x
* 251 - 300 level, 8x
* 301 - 350 level, 5x
* 351 - 400 level, 3x
* 401 - 500 level, 2x
* 501 - 999 level, 1x

Frags :

* PZ lock time: 60 second(s)
* White skull lenght: 6 minute(s)
* Red skull lenght: 1 day(s)
* Black skull lenght: 2 day(s)
* Frags to red skull: Daily: 15 | Weekly: 50 | Monthly: 160
* Frags to black skull: Daily: 24 | Weekly: 80 | Monthly: 220
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Welcome to the new Season of Oraclum: Christmas Update!18.12.20 05:32:55

Welcome to ORACLUM new season: Christmas Update!

Remember that first online players will have a special reward as always on temple, with some special outfits!

Here we are one more year. Thanks you for choosing oraclum again to spend your holidays. You know as always that:

- We are not going to never dissapear.
- We are going to humbly work to keep being one of the best server of the list.
- Server is going to stay always online even some months passed since the opening of the season.
- The staff and the admin will always be active and listen for yours requests.

These are some of the changes we've made this season: (under update)

Changelog v6:

· We are developing the Ultimate Set that is so strong and incredible. By the moment we have released the ultimate armor and the ultimate cape. Check more info here .
· Added the Rudolf event on Thais to get free Vip days. More info here! .
· Pvp-Enforced enabled if you kill a player more level than you. Abuse this new feature will suppose an automatic ban.
· Paladin vocation has been nerfed a bit since its healing was really strong. More info and your impressions in this topic
· Antibot is still enabled at level 500 but you can now avoid it by buying our new item 'antibot cookie' at Arito's Tavern, Thais Depot.
· Added a Guides subtopic to the custom Menu where you'll find even more info about the custom content.
· Guiltowns have been reseted so no guild has now guildtown (if your guild is interested for one, ask it on the forum, selecting the kind you want).
· Fixed a quest that gave you soft boots instead of cebollino boots as reward.
· Fixed a bug on deathlist that showed a lot of random monsters as killers.
· Santa Claus NPC added to Thais temple.
· Updated first online players reward (new outfits available!).
· Fixed some little map bugs posted by the community.
· Now you can buy the castles automatically at any level by using the command !buycastle (if you have the correct doll, of course). You can have more than one castle or all the castles you want + a normal house, but remember you need level 200 to buy a normal house (!buyhouse).

There will be some Christmas events like the last year so stay tunned these days after the opening.

See you on the battlefield!
by God Bury[Comments: 0]
Welcome to Oraclum Season 5!16.06.20 02:39:27

Welcome to ORACLUM Season V: Summer Update.

Remember that first online players will have a special reward as always on temple, with some special outfits!

These are the changes we've made for this season. Thanks again for choosing us and thanks for continuing playing the best mmorpg of always.

Changelog v5:

· Fixed first online players reward (items and outfits!)
· Now you'll get full hp and mp when you level up with a magic effect.
· You will need now level 100 to create a guild. Guilds that are already created could be managed by a level 8 without problem.
· Fixed 120 level alert for becoming Epic on King Tibianus (Thais).
· Fixed and improved all castles. Now cool castles have some NPCs (Xodet, Decorator Machine and Rashid).
· Antibot enabled for players with level 500 or more.
· Free Castle reward is now available for level 650.
· Rules have been updated, now:
      - Trap a respawn will mean a warning or a banishment.
      - Forbidden to do pvp with more than 2 MC (2 is permitted).
· Eremo NPC has been fixed.
· Quentin now gives info about donate wand/rod exchange.
· Frags/Kills/Deaths have been reseted.
· I have switched my name from Administrator to God Bury.
· Payments for Egyptians or people that can use our default payment methods are available now using Vodafone Cash .
· DL loot has been decreased.
· Skills are now 45x and ML 35x.
· Fixed an error on website that said AOL costs 10k (it costs 50k).
· Santa Claus has been removed until Christmas but you can still keep saving lost gifts of Rupertch and exchange them for game tokens.
· Fixed house near Thais temple and 3x houses of Vip City.
· Fixed the tp of the mage quest.

Future implements:

As many of you know, i'm managing the technical issues of the server alone so I'm trying first to solve all the errors and bugs that you guys report during the season but I also want to implement new ideas on the future.

Hope I could finish them before the season ends:

· Guild points system with a new guildshop for "big" guilds.
· New weapons which you can exchange the element of your donate wand/rod.
· New quests.
· Mystery box with special rewards for special players (maybe in castles).
· New events.

See you on the battlefield!
by God Bury[Comments: 2]
Happy Christmas Oraclum!24.12.19 11:13:25

Happy Christmas to all our players!

We would like to thanks you this holiday by doing a special event where we have hidden some special items around some of the most important cities of the tibia world, also in some quest or important sites in the history of the game.

There are a total of 12 presents hidden. The presents could have the following items:

Exp Scroll
Addon dolls
Donate backpack, Demon Backpack or Crown Backpack
Donate Boots
Vip Message
Castle Dolls
Donate Ring
Donate Amulet
Teleport Figurine
Cebollino Boots
Skull Remover
Donate Armor
Donate Legs
Donate Wand
Donate Rod
Winged Helmet

Server is growing up every minute and that is thanks to you, so you deserve this items... now you only have to find them so... let's go!

Clean command is disabled so they will be there until you find them all

Happy Christmas Oraclum!

by God Bury[Comments: 1]
Welcome to Oraclum Season 4!17.12.19 08:38:23

Happy Christmas everyone !

These are the changes we've made for this season. I'm sure server is going to be better now and will still growing up. THANKS YOU for choosing Oraclum and thanks you for keep supporting the server.

Changelog v4:

· Improved ultimate health potion so EK will have more resistance.
· Now all donate castle paid with real money will be FOREVER. Doesn't mind the season, you won't never lose it (but you'll lose the items inside when server gets reseted).
· Monsters for level 300 located in VIP Hunts have been improved, now they have more health points.
· Added a discord channel to keep a near contact with the community, join the channel here .
· Added a cool vip city with houses, now apart from the boat, hunts and the training tower, there is an island with some houses.(Thanks Okan!)
· Some of the custom quests for getting medium equipment have been fixed and now it's easier to get the reward
· Antibot has been removed from the game this season.
· The special offer of the castle is now for level 750.
· Now Quentin (Thais Depot) can exchange your donate wand for a donate rod and vice versa.
· There will be a special reward for the first players. It will last about 2 hours.
· Fixed Bright sword quest entrance (roof)
· Now players can't climb on any quest chest.
· Added Bad Bunny NPC
· Now everybody will see an alert at level 120 of where they can become Epic
· Fixed lot of houses of Port Hope and a Harbour house of Thais
· There are more payments possibilities on paygol now (requested for a player)
· Added Santa NPC
· Fixed website images about castles tp
· Now you'll see more info in the autobroadcast
by God Bury[Comments: 0]
Welcome to Oraclum Season 4!15.12.19 20:12:01

Hello everyone!

Almost one year after the last reset it's time to restart everything again. You know it's a situation that I dont like at all, but it's necessary to give another life to this server. There will be a new about this, stay tunned.

I will make another post with the changelog, fixes and new things added to the server

If you have any doubt, please, like our Facebook page and open a message there. Also you can contact me and my helpers through the forum or sending me an email to opentibiac@gmail.com

Thanks for your patience,

by God Bury[Comments: 0]