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Character Information
Name:Eani se
Marital status:single
Profession:Epic Royal Paladin
Guild Membership:Member of the Loyalty
Balance:0 gold coins
Last login:29 June 2020, 1:57 pm
Created:1 December 2019, 6:34 pm
Player Health: 5105/5105
Player Mana:7470/7470
Player Level:500
Player Experience:2059438936 EXP.
To Next Level:You need 11461064 EXP to Level 501.
Level ML Fist Mace Sword Axe Dist Def Fish
500 40 10 10 10 10 139 97 10
Cebollino Quest
Bazir/VIP Quest
Quiz Quest
Orshannihilator Quest
Pits of Inferno quest
Inquisition Quest
Demon Oak Quest
Yalahari quest

28 Jun 2020, 20:16 He fragged Tweek Ms at level 363. (Unjustified)
27 Jun 2020, 08:22 He fragged Tweek Ms at level 357. (Unjustified)
22 Jun 2020, 16:19 He fragged Belintina at level 397. (Justified)
22 Jun 2020, 16:13 He fragged Belintina at level 397. (Unjustified)
22 Jun 2020, 16:12 He fragged Aleno at level 224. (Justified)
22 Jun 2020, 16:05 He fragged P at level 248. (Unjustified)
22 Jun 2020, 15:58 He fragged Yt Natraf Style at level 333. (Unjustified)
20 Jun 2020, 07:45 He fragged Maria Druida at level 244. (Unjustified)
25 Jun 2020, 20:27slain at level 435 by a dragon, a hellhound, a dragon lord, Apocalypse, a demon and a demon
25 Jun 2020, 20:18slain at level 435 by Morgaroth, demodras, Frodico, zathroth the god of the elements, a demon, Morgaroth, a demon and a demon
23 Jun 2020, 18:50slain at level 388 by a medusa, a dragon lord, a grim reaper, a demon, azerus and a dragon
22 Jun 2020, 21:47slain at level 374 by fluffy, a warlock, a hellfire fighter, a grim reaper, a demon and a demon
22 Jun 2020, 19:22slain at level 372 by a dragon lord, a green djinn, a grim reaper, a warlock and a frost dragon
22 Jun 2020, 17:43slain at level 370 by a dragon lord, a rift brood, a serpent spawn, a grim reaper, a hydra, azerus, a grim reaper, a medusa and a quara hydromancer scout
22 Jun 2020, 16:58slain at level 369 by a hellfire fighter, a hellhound, a elf arcanist, Ghazbaran, a fire elemental, a demon, a elf scout, a demon and a elf
20 Jun 2020, 15:54eliminated at level 246 by a frost dragon, , a grim reaper, a Massive Water Elemental, a dragon lord, a Water Elemental, a ghoul, a frost giant, a dragon lord, demodras, a dragon, a dragon, a dragon, a dragon lord, a dragon, a dragon, demodras and a dragon
20 Jun 2020, 08:51slain at level 190 by a dragon lord, a cyclops, a grim reaper, a dragon lord and demodras
20 Jun 2020, 07:26crushed at level 125 by a medusa, a demon, demodras, , a hydra, a hellspawn, a destroyer, a fire elemental, a dragon lord, a demon and an Orshabaal

Account Information
Last login:29 June 2020, 8:17 am
Created:30 November 2019, 8:17 am
Account Status:Premium Account

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