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Ethno is a city protected by walls formed by various real respawn of different real cities like Gengia, Darashia, Pyre, Svargrond, etc. Once there you will find very numerous, voluminous and fast respawns with many monsters you see below:

Remember this is a Free City and you can travel to it through any boat captain. You don't need vip but be sure to complete the "Cebollino Quest" to obtain as reward the Ethno entrance ticket. You can also buy it in our shop. Put this item in your hand or backpack to enter the city. You don't need it to leave the city, so that you can't be trapped.

1- Ethno Depot
2- Hunting place (Ground floor monsters: Dragons, Bats, Dragons Lord, Wolves, Wyverns, )
3- Nightmare Scion +1 , Nightmare mines -1
4- Frost Dragons
5- Cyclops
6- Warlocks
7- Bogs Raider
8- Massive Earth Elementals
9- Wyrms
10- Demons cave -1
11- Behemoths Mountain
12- Dragons Lord 1
13- Dragons Lord 2
14 - Necromancers and Black Knights

We hope you enjoy it!

Oraclum Staff