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You can find the event teleports in Thais temple or in your guildtown.

Here you'll find the current available events in the server as well as the future events we'll add.

- Football
- Snake
- Pacman
- Bomberman
- Casino
- Roulette

If you dont know how to play an event, through the teleport of that event you want to play and you'll find the info of the event.

* The football event is a free event (you don't need Game Tokens to play and you won't receive any reward if you win).

* To start making game tokens, try to begin playing Snake. You don't need game tokens to play this event.

* The rest of the game events require some game tokens to start playing, but if you win, you'll receive as reward several game tokens.

* The Event roulette is a new event that probably you won't know. It was made by Oraclum programmers. It works as the normal roulette of casinos when you bet a color. For example, if you bet 100 game tokens, you can lose them or you can earn another 100 games tokens. Remember to wait for the exhausted.

You can exchange your game tokens to special items in the NPC "game tokens exchanger" located in Thais depot, or "Game tokens exchanger VIP" located in vip island. You can also buy game tokens with tibia money in the same NPC.

We are planning to add a race event and several pvp events, as battlegrounds or big capture the flag, however, your opinion is important so if you have an idea of some event or whatever, comment it on the forum!

Oraclum Staff