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Welcome to Oraclum Season 4!
by God Bury
God Bury

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Welcome to Oraclum Season 4!

Hello everyone!

Almost one year after the last reset it's time to restart everything again. You know it's a situation that I dont like at all, but it's necessary to give another life to this server. There will be a new about this, stay tunned.

I will make another post with the changelog, fixes and new things added to the server

If you have any doubt, please, like our Facebook page and open a message there. Also you can contact me and my helpers through the forum or sending me an email to opentibiac@gmail.com

<a href="https://www.facebook.com/Open-Tibia-Community-OTC-598915470222345/"><img src="imagenes/followus.png" width="300" height="89"/> </a>

Thanks for your patience,

15.12.19 20:12:01
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