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Happy Christmas Oraclum!
by God Bury
God Bury

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Happy Christmas Oraclum!

Happy Christmas to all our players!

We would like to thanks you this holiday by doing a special event where we have hidden some special items around some of the most important cities of the tibia world, also in some quest or important sites in the history of the game.

<center><img src="/imagenes/happychristmas.jpg" width="700" height="300"></center>

There are a total of 12 presents hidden. The presents could have the following items:

Exp Scroll
Addon dolls
Donate backpack, Demon Backpack or Crown Backpack
Donate Boots
Vip Message
Castle Dolls
Donate Ring
Donate Amulet
Teleport Figurine
Cebollino Boots
Skull Remover
Donate Armor
Donate Legs
Donate Wand
Donate Rod
Winged Helmet

Server is growing up every minute and that is thanks to you, so you deserve this items... now you only have to find them so... let's go!

Clean command is disabled so they will be there until you find them all

Happy Christmas Oraclum!

<center><img src="/imagenes/happychristmas2.jpeg" width="564" height="389"></center>
24.12.19 11:13:25
Edited by God Bury
on 24.12.19 11:16:16

Profession: Druid
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I go try to catch one !! Mryy christmaas .. ;]
26.12.19 02:47:19