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Welcome to ORACLUM.NET: Season 2!!
by Administrator

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Welcome to ORACLUM.NET: Season 2!!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/84dCemXRC8M?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

We are proud to announce the second season of Oraclum. This update comes with great force and it's here to stay. The basics of the server have not changed: GET EVERYTHING FOR FREE. BE THE BEST PLAYER OF THE SERVER JUST ENJOYING YOUR TIME. YOU CAN GET ALL DONATE ITEMS BY DOING QUESTS OR LEVELING UP.

Do you want to help this server by donating? We thank you very much. With a little money you can get a lot of items. This server is the cheapest one for donating! Your little help is a big help for us, so we could continue updating the server and paying the bills

New features:

- Evolution Village
- Arenas
- 3x exclusive PVP places
(if you die you don't lose items/level)
- Custom items
- Custom monsters
- New active Staff
- Full updated hosting
- PVPEnforced Disabled because of people abusing
- ALL quests fixed and working 100%
- Twitch streaming
- Database Reset (All players will be LEVEL 8, Skills 0 etc)

All the server info: <a href="http://oraclum.net/?subtopic=serverinfo">Server Info</a>

stages: <a href="http://oraclum.net/?subtopic=serverinfo_two">Stages</a>

Please, if you have any doubt post it on the <a href="http://oraclum.net/subtopic=forum">forum</a> or send us an email to opentibiac@gmail.com

See you in battlefield!
03.07.18 09:05:54
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