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All the new fixes / Improvements
by Administrator

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All the new fixes / Improvements
<img src="/imagenes/fixes.png"> <img src="/imagenes/fixes2.jpg"> <img src="/imagenes/fixes3.jpg">

All the fixes we've today. Much of these issues have been asked by you guys so keep doing it and the server finally will be the best of the list!:<br><br>

· PZ White Skull time decreased from 10 minutes to 6 minutes.

· MW are now infinite (SD too)

· We've added some sections to the forum. I've opened <a href="http://oraclum.net/?subtopic=forum&action=show_thread&id=39">a topic</a> so we can make a brainstorming of ideas for improving the server. Post your idea!!

· Fixed some map bugs: Thais house (right temple), Pyre house #flat 39, Pyre black knights spawn stairs.

· Decreased the number of mobs in some places: Oken warlocks, Pyre Demodras.

· Increased the chance of the rare loot of custom monsters (Random noob, Submarine dragon, Storm wolf and Magebomb).

· Decreased the exhaustion of: Destroy field rune, Firebomb, Sild growth. Also decreased the push time. PVP should be more frenetic now.

· Santa Claus is giving now some cool items (rare chance): Addon doll, change name doll.

· Disabled Azerus quest for the moment. You can find in our <ahref=http://oraclum.net/?subtopic=shopsystem"> shop </a> all the rewards of azerus for 2 points each.

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28.12.18 14:59:04
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