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Welcome to ORACLUM.NET 1st Season!
by Administrator

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Welcome to ORACLUM.NET 1st Season!
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/84dCemXRC8M?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

We are proud to announce the opening of this new server. We've worked a lot on it to reach the world of open tibia a no-pay-to-win-server. You can get almost all the donate server by doing quests and you'll get points as you level up. If you have any doubt try to find me ingame, use the forum or just send me and e-mail to opentibiac@gmail.com. Also you can use the social networks located on the right side of the web. I will give away items through facebook so please like our page so that you will be informed of the latest news

Server Info:

·Experience: Stages
·Skill: 50x
·Magic: 40x
·loot : 3x
·spawn: 2x
·Pvp Enforced: Only killing players more level than you give experience. If you kill a player much higher level than you, you will gain more exp.

------ Ingame Info ------

· Vip system
· Stairhop delay disabled
· Paralyzes not too strong to avoid spam
· Decorator npc
· Addoner npc
· Sex Changer NPC
· Name changer NPC
- 5 premium points at level 250
- 10 premium points at level 300
- 10 premium points at level 400


·Protection level 80
·Level to buy house: 200
·Idle kick time: 15 minute(s)
·World Type Open PVP (PVPE only with players more level than you)
·Premium Free
·Bank system Enabled
·Marriage system enabled
·Divorcing system enabled
·Kick time 10 minutes
·Pz Lock 60 seconds
·Level to create guild 8

- PZ lock time: 60 second(s)
- White skull lenght: 10 minute(s)
- Red skull lenght: 1 day(s)
- Black skull lenght: 2 day(s)
- Frags to red skull: Daily: 15 | Weekly: 50 | Monthly: 160
- Frags to black skull: Daily: 24 | Weekly: 80 | Monthly: 220

-------- Custom INFO ---------

Check our right menu for more info about the costum part of the server.

·30+ Quests
·Guild Wars
·Ethno City
·Vip Island
·Bounty Hunters
·Castles (Simple, Cool and Awesome). Get your simple Castle for free doing quests!!

-------- Server Rules --------

- No cavebot hunting when level 450 is reached (anticavebot system enabled)
- Do not make own Advertising
- No Spamming
- No false Reporting
- No insulting

------- Shop and Pays ------

·You can get your points using Paygol (sms or call) or Paypal system. If you use Paypal you will get more points.
·Use the shop to find the best items specially made by us.
·Vip system enabled. Buy vip 30 days of vip (25 points).

See you in battlefield!
04.09.17 11:12:34
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