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Oraclum 1.1 UPDATE/FIXES!
by Administrator

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Oraclum 1.1 UPDATE/FIXES!
Thank of you guys, I could solve a lot of small bugs that will make the map and the server better everyday. I also made another fixes and improves.


- All Castles are now cheaper.
- Fixed Draken Elite corpse and loot.
- Now there will be free blessings for every player below protection level (80)
- Now you'll have a warning about your blessing status everytime you log in
- Fixed some small map bugs like a stair bad sited in Thais Guild House 1'
- Added bans subtopic to the layout
- Added avalanche runes to rune/magic sellers.
- Now King Tibianus also makes first promotion in addition to epic. You can also make first promotion with !promotion
- Fixed wall bug in Quiz quest
- Fiona npc checked. Now she buys rare items but for a normal price.
- Fixed paladins items that dissapeared like assassins stars (now every paladin items are infinite).
- Fixed runes/magic NPC in Ethno that didnt sell the potions properly (Xodet there now^^)
- Added tree stump kits to the furniture seller.
- Now you get 100% HP/MP when you advance level.
- Removed forever aol to the game tokens exchanger VIP
- Fixed POI fast door
- Tried to solve the pirate items in the NPC Bulma. I'll keep working on it.
- Fixed throne in POI that didnt make you absorv its energy.
- Removed PVP Enforced due to some players didn't respect the rules and abused experience. This players are now banned for one day and have lost 50 levels. They are:

Szimki Rimki
Invisible Aka Pvp
Invisible Mage

Thanks you and see you in battlefield!
10.09.17 00:31:34
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on 10.09.17 01:16:55

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Vassanti Ban
Vassanti Auto Ban
17.09.17 22:21:06

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Awesome donate castle doll
hi gm i hav Awesome donate castle doll and i need the castle
29.09.17 12:21:09

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Originally posted by Djdrullen on 29.09.17 12:21:09:
hi gm i hav Awesome donate castle doll and i need the castle

Hi, msg me to the character administrator when you are on. If I'm not online you can write me through facebook private message and tell me what castle you want (name of the castle when you click on look at the door). Thanks.
29.09.17 18:02:04