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Wanna be a helper in the staff?

To join our support team you need first to meet certain requirements:

- Write and understand English properly; If you know properly English but you are from another country (ex: Sweeden, Germany, ...) is a plus.
- Know every info about our ingame server and the custom system.
- Be an active player.
- If you know about LUA, XML, Html(php), C++ or Map editing is a plus.
- Feel like helping another people and be friendly and cordial
- Have a player in our server at least level 350
- Once you are a helper you can't have a high character (ex: no more than level 300). The adminship will know the name of that character (ip check), and if you use your power to help your normal character, the admin will remove your Helper and your normal character.

If you think you meet this requirements, send an email to opentibiac@gmail.com or send a private message to our facebook page with this info:

- Name
- Age
- Where are you from?
- Time you have been playing Tibia
- Your facebook or another contact way
- And finally, Why do you want to be part of this staff?

Promotion system

You will start as a normal tutor. Your duty will be to help people (specially newcomers) if they have any doubt, maybe doing some quest or help them leveling. Also if you find any bug or you have been informed about one, you must alert the admin.

If we are comfortable with you, you will be promoted to a senior tutor and so on.

Another way to get promoted is doing tutorials in forum, alert admins from bugs or answer questions from the players in the forum.

As a senior tutor, your duty will be keep an eye on the normal tutors. Also help people. You will be able of broadcast and look at player info.

If you become Game Master, the admin will explain you the new commands.

Good Luck!

Oraclum Staff