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Ultimate Set

We are proud to announce that we are developing the ultimate set. By the moment we have released the armor and cape but we will be including more ultimate set pieces in the future, and not necessarily on future seasons.


This ultimate set has these features:

- It is a game exclusive set and you can't purchase it on the web shop.
- You can only buy it in the game if you are level 400 or more.
- You can only wear it if you are level 350 or more.
- You can only wear it if you have the Epic Promotion.
- You'll need 700cc to buy each piece and the equivalent donate part (for buying a ultimate armor you'll need the donate armor).
- It's considerable better than the Donate Set.

For buying the armor, you'll need to find Rafita. He uses to be always near of the King Tibianus, since this guy is selling some of his set pieces to the guards of the city, but not much people seem to know it:

Oraclum Staff