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Here you'll find anything related to Vip.

You can become vip by exchanging your premium points for a vip message from the shop, as well as exchanging your game tokens in the NPC "Game Tokens exchanger" located in Thais depot. Remember you can buy game tokens with tibia money.

You can also complete Cebollino and Vip (Bazir) quests and you won't need to buy VIP anymore.

What is the point of becoming a vip player? If you are Vip you can go to Vip Island. There you will find several things like exclusive spawns or npcs.

This is the island:

1- Vip Island Temple. You get teleported here when you have completed Cebollino and Vip (Bazir) quest. Here is also located the Vip Island depot and one of the two "Game Tokens exchanger VIP" npc.
2- Vip Island Trainers and several NPC. Here you'll find the "Decorator machine" npc.
3- Vip Island ship. You get teleported here when you have vip days in your account. Here is also located the second "Game Tokens exchanger Vip" npc of the island.

** Remember: To buy some items in the npc "Game Tokens exchanger Vip" you need to complete Poi, Inquisition and Demon Oak.

You can enter the "Hunts" teleport in each of this three parts of the island. This is an important part of the server since we have added some new respawns:

As you can see there are respawns for every kind of level, so here you can level your low level characters easily too.

We hope you like it. If you have any doubt, please ask an admin or post it in the forum.

Oraclum Staff