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orshannihilator bugged
We have tried to complete orshannilator but is bug...
Sir Nexus12103.01.21 12:18:01
by God Bury
I bought the dark mansion guildhall, tried to log ...
Tweek Ms127920.06.20 03:15:58
by God Bury
Skitz046118.01.20 20:39:34
by Skitz
I have been able to enter VIP without being VIP...
Akita149825.12.19 17:05:52
by God Bury
Demonhunter addon
Bulma don't sell demon horn and talon to complete ...
Tempo173628.05.19 22:06:49
by God Bury
Yalahari Leg Piece wrong slot
Hi, This item 16:21 You see a yalahari leg p...
Ratherryn183806.02.19 22:15:37
by God Bury
Fire Protection and fire fields.
Fire protection does not work on fire fields, i.e ...
Mateusz Dragon Wielki088527.01.19 20:12:29
by Mateusz Dragon Wielki
Server Down
I pay for play a serious Server and its down? WTF...
Quiero Farlopa10106728.12.18 15:32:12
by God Bury
Damage Output
Hello, I dont know if this is a bug or intentiona...
Nighthawk2113728.12.18 09:37:59
by Lexo
Free points
Says so on otservlist, pls add free points to my a...
Warlord1122826.12.17 20:29:33
by God Bury
Do somethnig about this antibot shit, can't do any...
Emma1132223.09.17 21:09:29
by God Bury
vip tp Bug...
Lawkz1119622.09.17 14:37:30
by God Bury